For the sake of dipping into fresh material besides just talking about advertisements, I will be using comic books as my source to discuss the Male Gaze on women. Comic books are extremely clear examples of the Male Gaze in action. I have been reading comic books since I was a young girl, and in today’s society – although not as common – women have become involved in the world of comics. Yet it is still very very heavily written for only male enjoyment. The female characters are secondary to the plot, and really they are simply there to show off their body in their spray painted costumes.

One of the best examples is DC Comics reboot of their female superhero Starfire to attract a new market. The re-vamp worked, almost 2 million people started reading her comics. The problem is, their new market did not include any women. Starfire is an all-powerful alien from another planet who just happened to spend the majority of her time either naked or in a bikini, and didn’t feel the need to know the names of men she has sex with.  She literally was introduced as a pair of breasts with her head down in a submissive pose, completely there to serve the male gaze. She is there for the pleasure of the men around her. In the comics, they focus on her body and how she uses it – every pose is for the male viewer, even when she is fighting to save the world or her own life, every panel is a shot to admire her curves.

DC Comics tried to justify this insane level of nearly pornographic images under the guise of “I am strong and empowered and therefore I love being naked and stared at”. This industry is nearly an endless pool of examples of how women are so subjected to the male gaze. The side effects of this type of media representation are definitely prevalent in both males and females. Males who immerse themselves with these types of ladies have gained an unrealistic view of women on how they should act and look – comic books basically are drawing Barbie dolls for men. And women feel those expectations in their appearance to become that idealized beautity.

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