The appearance of Reeses Pieces in “E.T.” increased Hershey’s profits by 65% following the release of the film. “Toy Story’s” Inclusion of an Etch a Sketch boosted its sales by 4,500% and Mr Potato Head  by 800%. This those how powerful product placement is. Advertisers pay to place products in movies, tv shows, music videos, and even celebrity contracts. In this way it influences us by associated people and entertainment we like with products, causing us to be be more likely to buy those products. Like if you were an individual who loved Jame Bond, and you saw that in real life you could buy his watch, or even more crazy, his car – it would be even greater motivation to purchase them.

Product placement is very powerful in that it is not always in your face. It can influence your subconscious, or even just raise awareness to you of a product you didn’t know existed before. I know from experience, that before I learned what product placement was – I didn’t even notice when those brands were inserted into entertainment. But my subconscious did, and I would usually go out a buy a donut or spend my night drooling over a designers clothes.