Postmodern In Entertainment

This post maybe a little gushy in the sense that I am so in love with Adventure Time as a forewarning.

Adventure Time has created a beautiful innocent show that presents heavy subject matter in a light and sweet way. This show is postmodern in the sense that it ties very modern concepts into a tv series that is supposedly designed for kids. Yet it covers very serious subjects, like nuclear warfare that destroyed the earth, being a young male with a dream to be a princess, and body image issues. Yet the characters and cinematography is so beautiful, bright, and refreshing – you are simply, joyously entertained.

The Theme that Adventure Time represents the most is opening the discussion about our generations ideals on good and evil. Were are entering a time where those lines are being questioned and approached from a new perspective. We are developing new ways and opinions about what is good/bad. The lighthearted perspective that Adventure Times takes this new mindset, is by not having any real main villain. Every bad guy has a real tragic story that was out of their control why they turned out evil. It delivers that unexpected emotional punch that causes the viewers a moment of pause, if they are old enough to catch it.
Another way this show is post modern is the way that not only their villains are complex, but all their character have crazy character development. And even better, they have entire episodes dedicated to gender swapped versions of the character – leading to one of the best forms challenging gender roles.
The final point about postmodern Adventure Time is that it is a show advertised to kids, but definitely intended for young adults. There are jokes about women using their feminine charms, Jake the Dog got his partner pregnant, and discussions on how physical to be in relationships. There is very adult subject mattered throughout the show, but still is intended for younger crowd. Thats why I believe it has such a big following. When adults watch this show they get the nostalgia of being a child, while being entertained with adult related jokes.