Self Surveillance is where one is constantly policing and watching themselves, and how they do that is through comparison. In this study of male vs female visual attention pattern, we can visibly see that women spend a significant more amount of time with the ad first of all. I believe this could be for several reasons. First of all the men spend a quick glance at the chest and and lower half, where as the women spent a noticeably longer time on the breasts, stomach and even down to the gentiles and upper thighs. This is a great reveal to show how much women are watching and surveying themselves. As they  look at this ad, it is constant comparison, as they see the girl and compare themselves to her – do they measure up? Are they as pretty as me? Am I better or worse looking? Is this what males desire? Etc. They spend time looking at the stomach area where men barely skim over.

Then there is the surveillance of the advertisements actually words, women spend much for time reading the products being sold. This interest could be sparked by the the desire to be like this photoshopped model,  they want to learn about the product. Self Surveillance has a very powerful effect with advertisement. Constantly being in a world where you are surrounded by people watching you, comparing you to others – leads you to do the same to yourself, making sure you will measure up when they turn their head to you.

One thing I do find refreshing is the males observation of the females face – both the males and females spend an equal amount of time studying the face of the model. Now for the women the intense study of the face is more to compare looks once again, but for the men – it is clearly just to enjoy the beauty of the model. Granted this is a male-gaze based advertisement, but it still was nice to see that what still is valued over a perfectly photoshopped body – is the face of the female.