Mass media has several different ways of influencing its viewers into believing and buying into their product or message they are selling. One way of Propaganda is subliminal perception. The theory was parodied on an episode of the office, where Michael attempts to seduce a women with sexy pictures of other men, as well as himself and leaving short “quick” slides with the word SEX in bold. Now it was hilarious, and it also was a great example of what subliminal advertising is. Their goal is to reach the viewers subconscious mind, without them even realizing – the perfect way to attain social control. Victims without even realizing they are victims.

Mass media has been used by several organizations to create a social control. They use propaganda images, words and presentations to influence the way we are thinking, feeling, and desire. If they want us to feel the need to buy a certain product to fit in, or to instill the logic that women need to look a certain way to be accepted into society. The best way propaganda works, is when you are not aware of it.

When trying to find real life advertisements that used this form of mass media social control form of propaganda – I found something that shocked me, but probably shouldn’t have. It was a famous advertisement of Bush against Al Gore – where they use the same exact technique that Michael in the Office used, they took the word Bureaucrats – and changed it so RATS flashed across the screen.


Now of course there is no law protecting us against subliminal messaging so when this trickery mind-control commercial was discovered, it created quite a stir – but there were no consequences for those actions.

How could there not be a law that is protecting us viewers from this kind of blatant propaganda? This is a direct form of deceit. The advertisement wants to influence so directly – to literally control and change our minds, but do it without us realizing it. They want pure blind mushy minds to mold to their message, total social control.