“The Practice of Looking” pointed out an idea that I had not thought of before, that how things get introduced/accepted into society is when a “certain discourse of science, law, technology, and modernity” made its integration into society possible. Now sit and think about this. There are so many examples to back up this concept. In the world of science, hundreds of scientific facts were ignored or called crazy, until individuals in society were at a point with their religious beliefs where they actually could consider these new theories as facts. Or in the world of fashion – the outfit that I wear to school shows more skin than the underwear women used to wear 100 years ago. So there is an evolution in society – we just have to be slowly introduced and integrated into these changes.

But what does that say about the way society appears to be evolving currently? Rolling Stone recently published a study about how the representations of women and men have become more sexualized over time – women significantly more than men.  The researches looked at the covers of Roling Stone magazines since 1960 to present. They documented a 47% increase in men sexualization, 89% of women sexualization increase. Their study on advertisements had even more dramatic percentages. This shows the power of  a male gaze based culture. The society that embraces displaying women in a way that is solely for a mans pleasure – and nothing pleases a man more than sex.


What this is showing is that popular media outlets care do not care as much about showing musicians/actors or a bottle of perfume, as they do showing men and women ready for sex. This is a narrowing of representation of what women are capable of – if all society presents for the viewer are consistent images of women ready for a great time in the sack, how much of it will seep into individuals thought processes? How much will be begin to believe that all women want is for you to sleep with them, and how many women will start believing that all they are valuable for is their looks? To be a sexy piece of arm candy? Now it isnt bad for women to present themselves as sexy – but media loves to show girls as sexy and passive. That females are these objects for someone else to enjoy, essentially an object for gazing.

As our society continues to evolve and become more and more open to the idea of sexualization in advertisements and media – how far will be too far? How bad do the consequences of these types of images have to be before we start valuing a different trait – or become “ready/open” as a society?